By Gus Moody, Northwestern ‘22

Activating Our Students During Election Week 2020

  • On November 3rd, the world watched our country as America voted for its next president in what could go on to be the most important election in U.S. history. And while we here at Brewbike Northwestern had been busy trying to get through our days with as little stress and anxiety as possible, we came to a dire realization: We had three kegs of cold brew left over from an activation that we ran earlier in October. To call it dire seems like an over-exaggeration, especially considering the larger events happening around us at the time, but in Brewbike terms, there was never a reason for cold brew to go to waste, and if we didn’t act quickly this cold brew would go bad before anyone could enjoy it. In deciding what we wanted to do with the brew, we took a look at our campus and felt its pulse. People were scared, tired, and needed a pick-me-up, and it felt like the perfect time to do a free cold brew activation. Jack, our Head of Production, picked up the kegs from where they were being stored in my house, and transferred their contents into portable coffee dispenser bags. The next day, Gabrielle, my fellow marketing team member, took the bags from the kitchen and began distributing them to students. By the time the sun set on November 4th, the problem was solved. We went back to our week in limbo post-election, but we appreciated the distraction from reality that this cold brew crisis gave us. However, that’s when I started hearing from friends that got their hands on the cold brew bags; Friends that had stayed up late staring at Nevada’s unwavering vote count, friends that had trouble sleeping because they were too nervous, friends that felt distracted throughout their days while results were coming. And all of them were saying the same things, how much they loved the surprise of getting the cold brew, how much they loved drinking it, and how much it was helping them get through the incredibly challenging week. Within my own house, there was always a cup of Brewbike in one of my roommates’ hands that week. And though election week came and went as the relief of knowing the results washed over us that Saturday, the small impact we had on some students here in Evanston meant the world to us. We were able to do what Brewbike has always been trying to do: directly empower students one cup of coffee at a time. And though in these times empowering students might look a little different, we think that helping them through a tough week counts as a win.

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