Let’s make some coffee

How to brew

  • Why should tea bags have all the fun? Our brew bags are the easiest way to enjoy a cup of cold brew or coffee right at home. Now matter how you brew, for a single serve or a batch, you’re going to love every sip.

  • Cold Brew: 1. Add 1 brew bag into a glass or pitcher for every 1 cup (8 oz) of water.

  • 2. Let your brew steep in the fridge covered for 12-14 hours or longer if you like it stronger.

  • 3. Remove the brew bag(s), add ice, and milk if you get down like that, and enjoy your delicious cold brew.

  • Hot Brew: 1. Place 1 brew bag into a mug or carafe for every 1 cup (8 oz) of boiling water. 2. Bounce bag(s) up and down to saturate the grounds.

  • 3. Steep for 5 minutes, remove the brew bag(s) and enjoy. Be careful! It will in fact be hot (lol).

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