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  • Meet Ethan. Our photographer, videographer, and resident swag master. Oh, and he’s a student. Ethan makes Brewbike look amazing from photo shoots to video content, he’s the man behind the magic. Read below to learn a bit more about this extraordinary young creative. Tell us a little about yourself. I like experimental music, faking film photography, and self-improvement. I love helping other creatives learn and push out their creative vision. I’m also Junior at UT Austin studying MIS & a certificate in Digital Arts and Media. How did you first get started with Brewbike? I started as social media manager which involved taking pictures with my camera, editing them, and posting them to social media. It helped me develop copywriting skills and made me feel a part of the Brewbike brand. What do you do for Brewbike now? Now, I focus on campaigns rather than social posts which involves ideating with the Creative Director, David, to create consistent images that speak to our customers and brand. Also helped designing some merch haha. How do you take your coffee? I like my coffee with and without oat milk. I prefer to add oat milk with our flavored options. When I’m lazy I make some hot brew lol. How did you get into photography? It started when I went to an outdoor art exhibit called Desert X. I really enjoyed the process of taking pictures creatively and started out on an iPhone7. When I got home from that trip my dad gave me an old digital camera he had and have never put down a camera ever since. But honestly, if you’re a creative don’t worry too much about your gear just watch YouTube videos and learn how to make something meaningful. Joji started creating music on GarageBand and most cinematographers shoot at f4-f5.6 on small sensors; you don’t need a full frame camera. Let's fast forward ten years. What are you up to? I am a creative director at my own ad agency pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion within media. I am still working closely with Brewbike on campaigns, and I have recruited internal creative college talent. If you could go back in time and give some advice to yourself at the start of freshman year, what would you say? Don’t think about what other people are doing. Your rejection from UT Austin should make you push harder for what you want. Don’t waste too much of your free time on things that don’t matter. Take more pictures and make more stuff. Believe in yourself. You got this.

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