Brewbike is coffee by students, for students. By partnering with us to launch a student-run coffee business at your school, we guarantee a seamless vendor partnership with full-time support, an enriching work experience for entrepreneurial students, and delicious, super-convenient coffee for campus customers.

Student-Run, Made Easy


Brewbike is a turnkey solution to launch a student-run coffee business on your campus through a well-funded and operationalized vendor.

Real Good, Real Impact


Give coffee customers convenient coffee where they want it most and give students the opportunity to become leaders through hands-on entrepreneurial experience.

All-Natural, On-Tap


Diversify your coffee vendor portfolio with a unique, tap-focused menu that makes for a quick-serve experience no one else can beat.

Try A Sample Today

Use code CAMPUS22 for a free sample of our delicious, all-natural brew bags.

  • Original Brew

    It’s the OG for me. Try our classic roast. Our debut single. The one brew to rule them all. Comes with 10 brew bags.

  • Cinnamon Sugar Brew

    Cinnamon. Sugar. Coffee. Our most popular flavor online and on campus. Delicious hot or cold. Comes with 10 brew bags.

  • Chocolate Brew

    We’re going to kindly ask you to treat yourself. Why? ‘Cause you deserve coffee so smooth, you might mistake it for the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had. Comes with 10 brew bags.