Cold Brew Mint Mojito

By Gus Moody, Northwestern '22, 04/24/2021

On our Instagram story recently, we featured one of our customers’ twists on our cold brew: The Mint Mojito Cold Brew. People demanded the recipe, so here it is!


1 serving of Brewbike OG Cold Brew
Oat milk to liking
A touch of maple syrup (use more to make it sweeter!)
1 serving of collagen powder
A bunch of mint leaves

  1. Prepare your cold brew ahead of time, follow the instructions on the back of your BrewBike packaging!
  2. Blend your cold brew with oat milk, maple syrup, and collagen
  3. Put your mint into a glass and pour the mixture over the mint
  4. Enjoy!

Credit to Andrea Jorissen (Instagram: @amjorissen).