Frozen Chocolate Cold Brew

By Gus Moody, Northwestern '22, 07/05/2020

Brewbike’s Chocolate Cold Brew has been energizing me through Zoom University mornings for quite a while now and I thought it would be fun to add a twist to my caffeine routine.

Here’s how it went down:

I started by letting my packet brew in my mason jar a bit longer than usual to make the brew for this recipe extra strong!

When I took it out the next morning, it was hard not to devour it right away, BUT I knew better things were coming for the brew in the future so I resisted (I did take a few sips though, who wouldn’t?).

Next, I threw it into my blender, along with some half and half. Any milk product will work, dairy on non-dairy! I used a bit more half and half than I normally would since I wanted the drink to feel a bit lighter than a normal cold brew. Then I added the ice until the cubes started popping out of the top of the drink. But, be careful not to use too much ice. If you’re worried about ruining it, just start with a smaller amount and keep on blending in more until the consistency looks right to you! Lastly, instead of normal sweetener, I added chocolate syrup to build on the chocolate-y flavor.

After I blended it up, I poured it back into my mason jar and voila! I drizzled some of the chocolate syrup around the sides of my glass for the aesthetic (how could I not?) and it ended up looking WAY better than I ever imagined, so naturally it was time for a photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! And, as always #KeepItBrewing


* One 12 oz mason jar or similar sized cup
* Blender
* One BrewBike Chocolate Cold Brew packet
* Water
* Ice
* Milk product of your choice

Chocolate Syrup Instructions:
1. Place one Chocolate Cold Brew packet in your mason jar or similar sized cup
2. Fill the jar or add 12 oz (1.5 cups) of water to your cup
3. Let your brew steep in the fridge covered for 12-14 hours. If you like it extra strong, let it brew even longer.
4. The next morning, slowly remove the packet.
5. Pour the cold brew into your blender, and add the milk product of your choice to your liking, but use a bit more than you normally would use
6. Add enough ice until the ice cubes at the top are poking above the surface of the cold brew
7. Add about a tablespoon of chocolate syrup, but use more if you like it sweeter
8. Blend it until it turns into an even slurry
9. Pour the slushie into your cup and enjoy!