Future Fund Report #2

By Lila Wells, Unite Passion Project, 07/31/2021

Stories from the Unite Passion Project | Speaker Spotlights and Unite in Action

As the summer goes on, our Unite team is hard at work preparing for the September launch of the Tabora Boys School Unite Club. In the meantime, our Unite Scholars and Leadership team have invested their time and energy into one of Unite’s newest ventures—the Unite Food Program (UFP). UFP is designed to empower small-scale farmers with a means of storage and a secure market for their crops at fair market prices as well as to provide organic, healthy, tasty, and affordable staple food options to all Tanzanian people.

David Bitaho, alongside his fellow A-Level scholars sponsored by Unite the World With Africa Foundation completed their internship with UFP over the last month. As they wrap up their internship (and get ready for the start of the school year), the Passion Project will ramp up as well in its intensity and focus.

(Several Unite Scholars and members of the Unite Leadership team on-site at the Unite Food Program HQ center, where the Scholars learned about agro-business, customer service, teamwork, organic food processing and gardening, (and so much more) before returning to school in the Fall)

(David Bitaho pictured at a Unite Food Program celebration alongside his fellow Unite Scholars)

CLICK HERE to learn about what our Unite Scholars (including our upcoming Tabora Boys Unite Club Leader David Bitaho), have been up to this summer.

As the Unite Clubs are on pause during the summer holiday, perhaps the best way to illustrate their focus (and impact) is through a speaker spotlight. And who better to do so with then Ernest B. Makulilo, a motivational speaker, author, and overall incredible human who contributed not one, but two videos to this speaker series.

Speaker Spotlight | Ernest B. Makulilo

(Ernest B. Makulilo)

(The Kibaha Boys School Unite Club watching Makulilo’s videos as a group before breaking into discussion)

First, a spotlight on Mr. Makulilo himself. Ernest Boniface Makulilo is a graduate of the University of San Diego in the great State of California, in the United States with a master's degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. He also earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Makulilo is an experienced and accomplished linguist, professor, intelligence analyst, alternative dispute resolution expert, project manager and director.

CLICK HERE to watch Ernest’s first video contribution on Authoring Books for Change

In his first video, Makulilo emphasizes the importance of strategically maximizing one’s life possibilities. He mentions this in relation to achieving one’s dreams, which requires hard work, reflection, and dedication. Makulilo also talks about using time wisely by engaging with resources (such as social media, books, and YouTube) in a productive manner to learn and gain valuable skills.

CLICK HERE to watch Ernest’s second video contribution on Strategically Achieving Your Dreams

In his second video contribution, Makulilo emphasizes the importance of strategy in attaining one’s dreams, which requires hard work, reflection, and dedication. Makulilo also discusses using time wisely by engaging with all resources at one’s disposal to leverage one’s experience and acquire a valuable skillset.

Kibaha Boys Unite Club | The Responses

CLICK HERE to watch the Kibaha responses to Ernest’s video

Below are a few of the questions posed to Mr. Makulilo from the Kibaha Unite Club:

“To those students who live in rural areas where there is no internet...what alternative way can they use to reach their goal?”

“How do I harvest more motivation and not let discouragement drive me down

“How do I prepare for a better future while I am in very poor conditions?”

These questions ring all too true. They’re all too real. This is why our Unite Passion Project Team works alongside Tanzanian educators and students alike to pair the theoretical with the practical, and ground aspirations and dreams in strategy, while incorporating speaker videos into comprehensive modules emphasizing professionalism, soft skill development, and career readiness.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Unite at Kibaha

CLICK HERE to watch more videos from Ernest B. Makulilo from his EBM Scholars Platform

CLICK HERE to watch our most recent speaker video from James Kitia

Summers With the Unite Passion Project | A Personal Note

As July turns to August and the summer begins to (slowly) come to an end, I recognize how lucky I am to have had this time to truly devote my energy to the Unite Passion Project (UPP). I’m an incoming junior at Northwestern University, meaning that the upcoming year includes internship planning, leadership in extracurriculars, an intense amount of studying, and preparation for my own impending graduation and entrance into the job market the following year.

Like many Unite Club students across Tanzania, my team and I (all of whom are undergraduates) constantly ask ourselves the question we pose to our speakers—What is your passion?—and attempt to answer it in the most authentic way possible.

UPP began a passion project of mine (pun semi-intended), but its scope and impact has blossomed beyond what I thought possible. I am wildly thankful for my team, both Tanzanian and American, and will be highlighting a team member and dear friend of mine in an upcoming blog post. My plans for the fall include a mix of the Unite Passion Project and Brewbike Northwestern (for which I will be entering the 2021-2022 schoolyear as Campus COO).

For UPP, this is only the beginning. Passionate speakers like Ernest B. Makulilo who generously donated their time to a few gutsy college kids back in 2020 will broaden their reach from 1,300 brilliant, insightful Tanzanian students to roughly 1,600—all due to Brewbike’s support. I look forward to checking in next, and in the meantime, I encourage you (like I do to my team, our audience, and myself) to explore our guiding question and ask yourself, what is your passion?