My Experience Working for Brewbike

By Amanda Costello, University of Miami '21, null

Flashback to summer 2019 when I first decided to apply to work at Brewbike. It sounded like the perfect job for me, combining two of my favorite things: coffee and meeting new people. However, if I’m being honest I was nervous. I’ve never had a job like this before, and I literally have no idea how to ride a bike, so while it sounded like something I may love I wasn’t too sure if it would work out very well.

It’s been about a year since I sent in that application, and today I could not imagine the last year of college without working at Brewbike. I’ve had jobs in the past, but nothing compares to my experience here. My first job was at a pizza place in town and my boss was one of the scariest people I had ever met. Making a mistake meant being screamed at and put down regardless of who was in the restaurant listening. After that, I found a job that I really enjoyed, but sometimes it felt like a lot of pressure on top of being a high school student. We were always reminded of how much everyone was counting on us to the point where I had shown up to work with a fever, and I had even skipped major family events because I was scheduled to work. I remember one time I got in trouble for asking to miss a shift to go on a college tour because I had just missed a few weeks prior when I had gotten sick. Don’t get me wrong, these experiences weren’t all bad and I definitely learned a lot of lessons for the future, but it was definitely stressful to feel so young, confused, and new to something but have such high expectations laid on me.

However, Brewbike is truly the perfect college job and I could not ask for more. I’ve never felt like a question was stupid or that an issue was a burden or unfixable. In fact, when I had my Brewbike interview I had completely messed up the times and was stuck in the middle of a pedicure during my interview, so I did the interview right there in the middle of the nail salon. I thought it went pretty well, but I was so sure that I had messed it up just with that one tiny mistake, even my dad told me he’d be surprised if I got hired! I was really not expecting to get the job, but I was later told that the fact that I pulled it off and did the interview anyway meant more than the mistake I made. That was the first time in all the years I had been working that someone had focused on the positive of what I had done and saw it as an honest mistake rather than something that completely defined who I was. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever been late to a shift without good reasoning, and I am so grateful that every aspect of who I was was taken into account rather than that one negative moment.

One of my favorite things about working for Brewbike is that we are all honored as students first. We have always been encouraged to get work done or study between customers. There’s never really been a time where I felt like working got in the way of my education because I always know that I will have time to get the things I need to do done without any worry. One time I spilled coffee all over myself right before a group presentation and someone came over to cover for me just so I could leave to go change before I had to stand in front of a class. I know how stressful it can be for some students to work while also having classes, clubs, and other commitments but nobody at Brewbike ever wants us to feel like it’s too much, and as a student, that means a lot.

More than anything, BrewBike has brought me a community. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve been walking around campus or out on a weekend and have been greeted with ‘Hey! You make my coffee sometimes.” I even had a professor that would walk by the bike every day and say “See you in class!” and then when I got there it would be “Did you sell a lot today?” or “The bike looked busy today, that’s good!’ BrewBike brings people together in so many different ways and I could not be happier to be a part of the Brewbike Fam! It’s been amazing to get to work in an environment that has taught me so much while also allowing me to have fun.